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Wedding and elopment photographer in Quebec City

For the lovers that crave authenticity, and a memorable photographic experience.

Mariage de Cynthia et Yoann

You're currently planning your wedding day, and you are scouting for a photographer. You don't want your images to be filled with fake smiles and unnatural poses. I think we would get along !

I have the privilege to live your wedding day with you, YOUR best day ever ! I let you shine through, and show me your true self : we dance, we laugh, we cry, and we capture the most authentic moments of your big day.

I will guide you through this adventure, to make your experience as sweet and simple as possible. 

Currently booking 2023&2024

« Maé, how can I book you ? »

Choosing your wedding photographer is an important step in your wedding planning, which is why I want to make sure we get along, so that your wedding day lives up to your expectations.

That's why we meet even before you book your date: it allows us to get to know each other, talk about you as a couple, and for you to ask all the questions you might have for me. Since I follow you during one of the biggest day of your life, it's very important to me that we have a good connection. By getting to know each other, it allows you to relax in front of the camera, to be vulnerable, comfortable, and confident. It also allows me to get to know you: who you are, your vision for your wedding day and your fears, so I can adapt to your needs.

After this first meeting, we stay in touch until your big day! I don't leave you in the wedding planning process: I advise you on photography, help you find answers to your questions, and build a trusting relationship that is precious to me.

Here, we set aside cold exchanges and inauthentic photos. I want to give you a memorable, unique experience that reflects who you are.


Reach out !

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and give me alllll the infos you have. I want to know every nitty-gritty details of your wedding day.


We meet : let's chat around a coffee !

Before booking your date, let's break the ice ! We schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss all the details of your big day.


Yay ! Your date is booked !

There it is, I'm so excited for your wedding day ! It'll be such a beautiful and emotion-filled day. I cannot wait to follow you during this journey.


More infos


You deserve the best for your wedding day, which is why I will accompany you from the beginning of your day, until the end to make sure your vision is realized.

I guide you, during the most beautfiul and raw moments of your marriage, from getting ready to the festivities.

Each of my wedding bundles include two engraved USB drives to keep your memories forever.

2023 rates start at 1700$ CAD

My approach

I adore natural images that ressemble you, which is why i never retouch your images in a heavy and unnatural way. Everyone is unique, and that's what I love about my job : meeting people that are all different. 


Here, everyone is welcomed.

I adapt to your expectations, to make your day as perfect as you imagined it to be.

Where are you based ?

I'm a Quebec City photographer, and I'm always excited when you ask me to go on an adventure with you elsewhere.

No idea is too ambitious, and everyone is welcomed !

Thanks for reaching out! I will take the time to answer within 72 hours :)

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