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Adventurous, authentic, sensitive

Passionate about photography since my teens, I love capturing true, intimate and memorable moments. Here, it's all aboute letting go of your fears and stress, and having fun ! 

Knowing very well how much a photoshoot can be a source of nervousness, I make it my mission to make it easy and fun for you. My ultimate goal is to bring out your true colors in my photos, because after all, that's what makes these images authentic and unforgettable.


Photography is more than my job...

I wondered for a long time what made me so excited about photography. I thought it was only because I had the chance to capture your most beautiful moments. But after thinking about it, I found that my passion lies deeper than that : I love seeing your faces light up when I show you the first images, I adore connecting with you and showing you my favorite places. I love playing the travel guide for you and stroll around Quebec City to show you why I'm passionate about this town, I love (LOVE) capturing your personnality through my lens.

What I'm all about...

That's me in pictures!

Portrait de Maé

Let's chat !

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