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A winter fairytale proposal at Domaine Enchanteur, Trois-Rivières

As a photographer, there's nothing more exhilarating than receiving a request for a session in a place that has been on your bucket list forever. And it becomes even more so when it's a request for a winter wedding proposal at the Domaine Enchanteur.

Danny and Christina's proposal took place in a location that seemed straight out of a fairy tale, wrapped in the tranquility of nature. It was in the serene setting of the Domaine Enchanteur that Danny chose to ask Christina to become his life partner, and I had the privilege of capturing this magical moment in time. I couldn't believe my eyes; it was so beautiful.

Un décor féérique pour une demande en mariage sur la patinoire du Domaine Enchanteur
Un décor féérique pour une demande en mariage sur la patinoire du Domaine Enchanteur
Un décor féérique pour une demande en mariage sur la patinoire du Domaine Enchanteur

As a photographer, capturing the precious moments of a marriage proposal is always an experience filled with emotions. Nervousness, joy, and pride reach their peak. It's the opportunity to document the genuine emotions and deep connection between two people who are committing to a shared life path. When I photograph a marriage proposal, in reality, I have been talking with the partner for several weeks to plan all the details of the proposal. Besides being a highly emotional moment, it's the culmination of teamwork, planning meetings, and brainstorming. For Danny and Christina's proposal, we carefully planned the location, timing, and the signal that would cue me to capture their significant moment.

For Christina, this road trip with friends from Connecticut was completely normal, and she was far from suspecting that this journey would mark a new chapter in their lives. When they reached the designated spot, where the trees stood tall and the words "Will you marry me?" were hanging between them, it was as if the world stopped. Christina's reaction was moving, marked by surprise and love for Danny.

The moment she said "yes" was more than just an affirmation of love; it was a promise, a dream, and a testament to the journey they had embarked on together. I captured the laughter, the tears, and the tender kisses, each photograph bearing witness to the love they shared. Their friends were all there to celebrate the proposal, and the joy was officially at its peak.

Before letting them go off to celebrate their engagement, I took the time to capture the post-proposal moments on the ice. I guided them into poses while they talked together about all the planning that went into this surprise.

As a photographer, it was an honor to be part of their story, and to create visual memories that will remind them of their engagement day forever.

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